Upstyles for the Aisles

Hair and Makeup Services

Bridal and Event Hair Services

Bride/Customer:                                                       $110.00

Preview:                                                                    $ 95.00

Bridesmaids:                                                             $ 85.00 each

Flower Girls (7 and under):                                      $ 45.00 each

Blowout (shoulder length):                                       $ 35.00 each

Blowout with curl (shoulder length:                         $ 55.00 each

Blowout (long hair):                                                  $ 60.00 each

Curls only (long hair):                                               $ 65.00 each

Travel fee:                                                                  $ 35.00

*Any additional customers or services may impact the start time on the day of the wedding.

Makeup Services

Bride (includes traditional application and lashes:   $125.00

Bridesmaids and attendees (traditional application

plus lashes):                                                               $ 75.00 each

Junior Bridesmaid (12 and younger) lip gloss

and blush:                                                                   $ 45.00 each

Upgrades in addition to the above services:

Lashes:                                                                        $ 20.00 each

Airbrush:                                                                     $ 25.00 each

A 50% deposit is due upon signing of the contract with the remainder due the day upon the completion of the

services. Payment for services must be in cash, PayPal or ONE check, made payable to Dede Crout from the 

bride for the full amount due by all Bridal party members receiving services.  The Bride or a bridal member 

selected by the Bride is responsible for collecting all moneys.  Any subtraction or reduction of services will 

NOT reduce the contract price.

Any hairstyle, including pins, curls, 1/2 up, 1/2 down will be charged as an 'Updo'. All hair MUST be COMPLETELY dry or an additional fee may be incurred.  Our commitment to service is subject to detention by epidemic, accidents, terrorism, acts of God, or any other legitimate conditions beyond our employee's control. In the interest of providing the above services in a timely manner, Upstyles for the Aisles shall at all times have control and directions over the services provided, and reserve the right to control the manner, means and details of that service.  The client agrees that any photos taken by Upstyles for the Aisles may be used for advertising, published web site, printed materials or via other electronic media without any expectation of monetary or other reimbursement to the bridal party.  There is a $365.00 (or party of 4) for hair and $350.00 for makeup minimum.